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To Kill a Mockingbird

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❶The initial critical response to Lee's novel was mixed. But then again, what do I know?


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What essay on To Kill a Mockingbird you may write?
Harper Lee

I am writing an essay on the book to kill a mockingbird and my essay is about learning experience Scout goes through. This is what i have so far for the conclusion This book has a lot of learning experiences for Scout. Whether it is about people, her actions, or even someone in her family Scout learns more Whether it is about people, her actions, or even someone in her family Scout learns more and more as she grows older. Does anyone have any ideas as to what i could add for my "clincher"?

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Oh, conclusions are the hardest part. You always feel like you have to finish the thing with a bang and go out with a flourish, ya know? Well, Scout goes through this true coming-of-age, mentally and spiritually and probably physically, too -- it's perhaps deeper than just a series of learnings, it's connected to maturity and adulthood. She starts to look at prejuidice, innocence and society in a moral way.

To really finish off the thing nicely, tie the last sentence to the intro in some way -- just echo what you've said in a witty, catchy sort of way, and it'll make a nice kind of closure -- like in a musical scale, you come back to the same note you started with!

Not by fighting or killing, but by standing up for what he believed in a civilized and determined way. His strongest motivation, however, were his kids. He wanted to be a good example to his kids and instill in them a strong sense of moral values.

One time he was asked by Scout why he had taken a case he knew he wasn't going to win and he responded by saying, "For a number of reasons. The main one is, if I didn't I couldn't hold up my head in town, I couldn't represent this county in the legislature, I couldn't even tell you or Jem not to do something again. But, most of all he does it to uphold his self-worth. He wants to know that there's no reason for him to hang his head in shame and shy away when he's walking down the streets.

He wants to live without regrets, and to him that's the only way you can say you are really living. This Site Might Help You. Courage is seen through out ' To kill a mockingbird' as a element that has grown through out Jem and Scout. The appeals process continued for several years. Some of the men escaped prison, others were paroled. The last man was released from prison in ; one of the men received a pardon in Because of deep-rooted anti-black sentiment, two white women with skeletons in their own closets were able to deprive eight men of several years of their lives.

The black community had shown spurts of enthusiasm in pursuing civil rights since the end of slavery. By the s, however, the latest interest in the civil rights movement had lost a good deal of steam. Many African Americans seemed resigned to accepting the Jim Crow laws and living within the existing system.

Educated blacks in Alabama were looking for something to rekindle the interest in civil rights amongst the black community. They found that "something" in a woman named Rosa Parks.

On a December day in , Parks boarded a full Montgomery, Alabama bus, tired after a long day's work. She sat at the back of the bus's white section. When a white person boarded, the bus driver ordered Parks and several other black riders to move, and she refused.

Her subsequent arrest mobilized the African American community into a yearlong bus boycott that ultimately ended segregation on public transportation. Parks was an educated woman who was concerned about the plight of Southern blacks. Although she did not board the bus intending to take a stand, when the opportunity arose, she accepted the challenge.

When the Supreme Court overturned Alabama's segregation laws regarding public transportation, the civil rights movement gained momentum. Martin Luther King, Jr. Several women worked behind the scenes organizing the boycott and keeping the movement alive. Concurrent with the Montgomery bus boycott, another civil rights issue came to the forefront at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. There, a young black woman named Autherine Lucy enrolled in an all-white school.

Because of racial tensions, the Board of Trustees expelled her from the campus after only a few months; however, the stage was set for more skirmishes with civil rights' issues. Lucy received her master's degree from the Tuscaloosa campus in In , schools in Little Rock, Arkansas underwent desegregation. Resentment and resistance ran so high and the threat of violence was so great that federal troops were sent to maintain order.

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To Kill A Mockingbird Conclusion To Kill A Mockingbird is ultimately about growing up. Over the course of the novel, several important lessons are introduced to Scout, and in the last ten chapters you see her finally fully realize their true meaning.

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Join Now Log in Home Literature Essays To Kill a Mockingbird To Kill a Mockingbird Essays The Impact of Class Structure John Florio To Kill a Mockingbird. The rigid class structure and social stratification of Maycomb County had a profound effect on the events in the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. To kill a mockingbird theme essay The book “to kill a mockingbird,” written by Harper Lee, uses the mockingbird to symbolize innocence. There are people in widely different situations who are innocent, such as Jem and Scout, Tom Robinson, and Arthur “Boo” Radley.

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Conclusion. To Kill a Mockingbird was introduced in the classroom as early as It has been featured in several other lists that describe its impacts, for instance, it was voted as the “Best Novel of the 20 th Century” by readers of the Library Journal. It is placed in the fifth position on the list of Modern Library’s Readers List of the Best Novels in the English language since - Introduction Section One: Harper Lee’s Life Section Two: Time Period Influences on Lee’s Writing Section Three: Influence of Stereotypes Section Four: To Kill a Mockingbird Reviews Conclusion Works Cited Introduction Which doll is better.