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Arguments from should the legal drinking age be lowered essay click an idea

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❶Such arguments are always debatable matters.

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A ‘should the legal drinking age be lowered essay’ questions different perspectives
Should America lower the drinking age?
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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. According to the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, in underage drinkers from ages were responsible for The minimum legal drinking age MLDA in the United States was 18 years old until , when all fifty states raised their legal drinking age to 21 or older. The drinking age should be lowered from 21 years old to 18 years old because at that age one legally becomes an adult, it would reduce the amount of unsafe drinking activity, and there are fewer drunk driving car accidents in many other countries with a drinking age of In the United States at the age of eighteen you receive the rights and responsibilities of adulthood.

As an adult you should be able to make your own decisions on drinking alcohol. You can vote, smoke cigarettes, serve on juries, get married, sign contracts, be prosecuted as adults, and join the military. The frontal lobes are essential for functions such as emotional regulation, planning, and organization. Among these decisions should be alcohol consumption because as an adult you have the right to participate in actions that affect your health.

Allowing eighteen year olds to legally drink in regulated environments would decrease the amount of unsafe drinking activity. Bars and clubs are potentially unsafe environments, but they are supervised by employees. Prohibiting year olds from drinking in such places causes them to choose to drink in unsupervised places such as house parties or fraternity parties. The rate of underage drinking arrests would go down if drinking were legal making crime rates decrease as well.

Treating alcohol differently turns it into a holy grail of adulthood. Lowering legal drinking age to 18 would make alcohol less of a forbidden fruit, taking away the thrill that many young people get from breaking the law, make alcohol less of a taboo for adults newly entering college and the workforce, and make alcohol consumption a more normalized activity done in moderation.

A drinking age of 21 only forces alcohol consumption behind closed doors. Always unsupervised, done in secret and too often excessive, this style of drinking among minors has no doubt been responsible for the alarming rise in rates of dangerous binge drinking at colleges. In as recent as , If the drinking age were lowered to 18, inevitable underage drinking would be much easier to regulate, making situations exponentially safer for all those involved.

Everything you have will someday be gone. So take pictures and hide them in your memories so you can recall them later after everything that is becomes everything that was. Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about? These links will automatically appear in your email. If you have a suggestion about this website or are experiencing a problem with it, or if you need to report abuse on the site, please let us know.

We try to make TeenInk. Please note that while we value your input, we cannot respond to every message. Also, if you have a comment about a particular piece of work on this website, please go to the page where that work is displayed and post a comment on it. Don't have an account? Sign up for one. Wrong email address or password! Eighteen year olds are given the opportunity to engage in other pleasurable activities, such as purchasing lottery tickets or gambling when done in moderation, so they should at least be granted to opportunity to partake in the pleasurable activity of drinking.

When a random assemblage of college students were asked why they believe the drinking age should be lowered, this was overwhelmingly the most popular response.

Many opponents to the lowering of the drinking age argue that it will result in more alcohol-related accidents and deaths, especially while driving. Drunk driving deaths have actually steadily decreased in the past thirty years.

In fact, this trend began occurring since , two years before the legal drinking age became twenty-one through the Uniform Drinking Age Act. It has shown that this trend occurred throughout all age groups and various other categories and therefore cannot be directly attributed to the drinking age. Furthermore, the amount of drunk driving deaths in the United States has decreased at a slower rate than that European of European countries that have their legal drinking age at eighteen or lower.

As many people argue that lowering the drinking age is fatal, lowering the drinking age is actually going to save lives. This is because it will reduce the amount of people that become injured to due alcohol or that simply die because of alcohol poisoning who fail, or have others fail, to report their injuries to the police or the ambulance out of fear of legal consequences for underage drinking.

Many states currently have laws that protect an underage person from the legal consequences of underage drinking if they go and seek medical attention; however, not many college students are aware of these laws and are still hesitant nevertheless out of fear that it may get back to their parents. Lowering the drinking age would make encourage those in the year old range to seek medical attention for potentially fatal alcoholic injuries without fear of potential consequences for doing so, in turn saving the lives of many young adults, especially those in college.

We are all aware of the drinking culture that takes place in this country. Lowering the drinking age, as exhibited around the world, can show how drinking can bring young adults and adults together in a fun, safe way instead of creating a disparity among them. If those young adults in the year old range share the adult same responsibilities that other adults do, then having the right to choose to drink should be no exception.

One way to strengthen specifically the paragraph about the correlation between underage drinking and increased drunk driving accidents would be to find statistics of drunk driving in the year old range in countries where the drinking age was lower.

You use a lot of facts and statistics throughout your paper; although this absolutely strengthens and adds to your argument, be careful not to make it too information-heavy.

This could cause the reader to lose interest. This being said, I liked how yuo used the example of when you traveled to England and observed the drinking culture of young people there. If you incorporate more anecdotes sucha s this one into your final paper, I think it would really bring home your overall message. I agree with Jaanki that focusing on Penn State students a bit more would also add to your essay.

I would be careful when talking about enforcement of underage drinking laws. I know you will probably look for sources to support your view, but right now it seems as if you will stretch any argument to get the cops off young kids.

Enforcement of the law is for safety, keeping kids in high school from underage drinking prevents a lof of possibly negative consequences. For this argument, I would possibly talk about how lowering the drinking age would mean enforcement of the drinking age would be focused to protect school-age children, instead of young adults in college.

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The Legal Drinking Age Should Be 18 Essay Words | 3 Pages were both underage and of legal age. The questionnaire showed that % of the underage students were drinkers, which was compared to the legal age students that had a percentage of %.

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Should the legal drinking age be lowered, or should it not be lowered. The argument has always been massive, with both sides spitting out rebuttals left and right.

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This sample persuasive essay from Ultius argues that the American drinking Henry & Nelson, Toben F. “Will Increasing Alcohol Availability by Lowering the Legal Drinking Age Decrease Drinking and Related Consequences Among Youths?” Ultius, Inc. "Sample Essay on Lowering the American Drinking Age." Ultius Blog. Ultius | Custom Writing 5/5(6). Mar 05,  · Arguments from should the legal drinking age be lowered essay click an idea Debates continue each passing of the day about lowering of the drinking age. Several pioneering research works have already been done to focus on justifying the lowering of age.5/5(65).

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The drinking age should be lowered from 21 years old to 18 years old because at that age one legally becomes an adult, it would reduce the amount of unsafe drinking activity, and there are fewer drunk driving car accidents in many other countries with a drinking age of Essay on Lowering the Legal Drinking Age Essay on Lowering the Drinking Age As we are all aware of, the United States of America has ruled that the legal drinking age is twenty-one.