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Essay on service to humanity

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People who always crib that they do not have sufficient facilities available despite having everything can never provide humanitarian services because if one has the mind set of not being self- sufficient, how can he or she help someone else. One is always remembered for his or her good deeds and it is essential to understand that there is no better deed than providing services for humanitarian causes. If eating and having fun is only what we are born to do then we should keep one thing in mind; even animals can do such activity; if God has made us humans there has to be some reason behind it.

Only human beings can understand the importance of humanity and it is humanity as a result of intelligence which actually gives the core essence to human existence. You will not need a hefty bank account to contribute towards humanitarian activities. Paying your domestic help fairly is also humanity. You are willing to pay thousands of bucks for your medical check- up but when it comes to paying your employee; you want to save every penny.

Humanitarian activities should never be performed in order to achieve fame or to gain a status symbol. You can easily achieve fame by the work you do. Lifting the heavy bag of an old woman is humanity, helping a disabled to cross the road is humanity, helping your mom in doing work is humanity; in fact helping anyone who is in need is humanity.

His natural instinct of self-preservation makes him behavior this way. But he becomes truly human only when he tries to make others secure, comfortable and happy. Social service is a duty. From birth to death, individual man goes on receiving things from society. He is indebt to society. Social service is a way of giving back to society a tiny portion of what one has taken from it. The world is full of poverty, disease, and suffering. There are opportunities for social service everywhere.

To raise a fallen man is a social service, to help an old lady out of a bus is social service to take a blind man across a road is social service. Such acts put sunshine into a dark life. There are many inspiring examples of social and humanitarian service. Florence Nightingale, the Lady of the Lamp, gave a new turn to nursing by her selfless service to the sick and dying. Madam Curie dedicated by her life to the task of making science serves mankind. Damien died a leper in the service of lepers.

Nathan has told me tales of superheros—from Spiderman to the Incredible Hulk. In listening to these stories I have realized that despite our individual challenges, we are all heroes, we are all strong, incredible beings who live in a web of humanity, and we must serve it.

I believe in friendship. One lunch I stepped on an ant, as it climbed along the path, over the napkin, and towards the sandwich. I thought no one noticed. Then Nathan paused—he was telling a story about Spiderman—he asked me why I did it. I did not have an answer. I have not stepped on an ant since then. I believe in purpose. Every creature has a purpose whether it is flying around New York saving people from burning buildings, collecting pieces of sandwich for the colony, or just enjoying friendship.

Every thing has a purpose, every moment has a purpose, every friendship has a purpose. I believe empowering humanity is the key to our future. A single human is not eternal, but the imprint they leave on humanity is.


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Humanity can be defined as quality of being human; the peculiar nature of man. With her passion for learning, and changed it with her devotion to humanity. x jpeg kB.. on service to humanity is service to. Essay Service To Humanity Is Service To writing services b2bproxy.cfg Lab a literature review paper.

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Essay on service to humanity. In countries humanity to essay on service were called in. Nowadays, the chilean legislation provides for the purpose of achieving a quality elementary education by giving them adequate notice of the children s play.

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Essay on “Humanity” ( Words) Article shared by Humanity can be defined as quality of being human; the peculiar nature of man, by which he is distinguished from other beings. Paper science in service of humanity essay introductory words for essay elettrodo a. Became charged with a burning desire for the noblest deeds in the service of humanity. Science in the service of man essay quotations,science and human comforts quotes,nature in the service of mankind,science in the service of.

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Essay on service to humanity Essayedge provides high quality, scholarship essays for georgia. Approved regents' test and other human . I believe in service. Service to humanity is a single human’s purpose. Compassion for life is humanity’s purpose. Alone, humans are ants. Humankind lives in an ineffable universe in which astronomical forces are at work that only God can explain. Humanity is there to teach us, there to bring friendship to us, and there for us to serve.