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What is left for you to do is pick the one who will charge you for the budget that you have set aside for the work. The website has a live chat application, so, as soon as you pick a writer; you can immediately start communicating directly with them. It is a private chat so no one else can see what you are talking. Here, you can negotiate on the price as well as the deadline for your assignments.

You are also allowed to change the instructions for your paper during your transaction with writers essayshark com at no extra cost. The cost should depend on the level of your assignment. If you need a Ph. The writers on essayshark com have a profile that may assist a client in picking a proficient one.

Every writer has a rating from previous clients as the website advocates for this. If one is inefficient, they will have a low score as compared to the competent ones. After everything relating to charges and the assignment details is complete, essayshark will require you to deposit money into your account so that a writer can begin working on the assignment. This money will, however, remain in your essayshark account and you can release it to a writer once you are satisfied with their job.

A client can also be paying for their assignment in installments depending on how fast a writer is working. After the completion of your task and your subsequent analysis of it to ensure it meets your standards, you can release the entire payment to the writer.

Essayshark requires its writers to have a certain degree of academic qualification for them to come up with quality content for customers. The main hindrance to this policy is curbing the writers who seek to register with fake educational credentials. There are no set prices on essayshark com.

Once you upload your topic question, you are the one to pick a writer whose charges suit your financial ability. All assignment essayshark writers will quote you a different amount for your task. I took a dive of faith and, looking back on it, I'm glad I did. The way the site works is perfect for anyone's needs. You don't prepay the site for an essay that might completely flunk you in the class, you hire a writer and pay for the completed essay. I've easily dropped over a few hundred dollars into this site for some help on my essays, and I feel that it was a few hundred dollars well spent.

Now there's one big downside to using this site in my opinion. It's the way the essay proposal's listed. I remember I once had to cancel and repost my same assignment several times before one brave writer stood up and took the task at hand.

I have no idea why it was so complicated to find a writer, but that didn't leave any feelings of resentment on me and only happened once. I've recommended this site to all of my friends who have had trouble with their essays in the past, be it that they just don't have the time to write their papers, they have trouble writing it and making the essay work, or if it's something as remedial as they just don't want to write all their papers by themselves I've always voiced my opinion on them checking out EssayShark.

Thank you EssayShark Writers and Team for all the help these past 2 years of college! Looking forward to the next 2 years knowing I've got backup such as yourselves!

When I found out about the services of Essayshark. First of all, it was the first service that had the rating of writers. It is of great importance to see the marks given to the writers by other customers and to read their reviews. Due to the fact that there is a certain amount of feedback from others, it is easier to determine which writer will meet deadlines and your expectations.

I have had a serious problem with my girlfriend and needed to discuss everything. So I turned to the writer who had completed papers for me before and he managed to submit the project to me within the next 12 hours. Basically, the relationship was rescued as I was able to spend some time with my beloved and I also passed the class as the work was done on time. Therefore, I think that it is important to keep such services in mind as you never know when you are going to need their help.

I have a couple of writers who I request most for my orders. That guy is really knowledgeable in criminal justice but, I found the first paper he wrote for me a little too sophisticated compared to what I would have written myself.

So, to make it more believable, I asked him to simplify it a little and now what he writes for me is perfect. I like the fact that I can be informal with the writers here. I feel like they are very friendly and really interested in the results of their work. I always tell my writers the grades I got for the papers they had written, as this helps them realize how to improve and what sort of papers my professors like more. I actually even tipped my writer once when he saved me on a very urgent paper that I totally forgot about.

I had just placed an order for it while at my university and had to turn it in by the end of the next class. And my writer totally saved me! I told my professor that I forgot to print the paper and would do it during the lunch break and give the paper to him then.

So I just downloaded what my writer completed while I was in class and the paper got 92! The writer truly saved my life then! This website is very professional from what I have seen. You can either opt for a cheaper bargain with one writer, or pay more for a high-end writer. It depends on how good you want your paper and what sort of professional you can afford.

When we chat, or in the instructions field, I always state what class this is for and what my professor is normally looking for in the papers. This site suits me better when it comes to rough drafts and outlines that have to be submitted in advance. With other websites, I had to pay twice — for the first order and then for rewriting of the initial order. Really easy to work out! This writing service has been a life savior for me over the past several months.

I like the attitude towards customers — you are most likely to get the help on time and receive answers to all the questions you ask. I also wanted to mention that the writer completed the paper as I asked.

Even though there were some minor typos and grammatical mistakes, I could easily fix them. Sometimes it is not that easy to communicate with the writers though. They don't seem to grasp the idea right away. However, I think that they are not mind readers and it is a good thing they get into every possible detail of the order. I appreciate such devotion.

The first writer was alright and met the requirements. I did get a B for that class and was quite satisfied. But the second writer totally rocked with that paper he wrote in Sociology. Ever since I have been working with that writer and he has never missed out on any requirements.

The last time he did ask for a long extension as his child got sick and, as a caring father, he needed to spend some time with his son. I truly understood the situation and it was a good thing I had some spare time before I had to submit the paper. So I let the writer have some more time as I trusted him. I have never had any issues with the payment system although some of my friends, who also use Essayshark.

First each customer is warned. If the customer continues violating our policy, then his account is blocked. I'm not letting you get away with this! I was blocked supposedly for 'cancelling orders without paying the writer's work'. I emailed support and they said 'due to security reasons no details will be disclosed'. You can check my completed orders. But all you give is false excuses. I have all the emails saved. They are clearly lying by accusing me then refusing to explain. Their reason for ban was cancelling orders without paying for writers work.

Through email I compelled them to check my records because I never cancelled an order like that. Then they said due to security reasons no details will be disclosed.

Of course they refuse to refund my first release! Them bastards ripped me off! We should all report Paypal so they can cut them off for good. Lets all team up on this. Paypal will ban them for sure. This may cause your work to be considered as plagiarism if it is already turned in That is totally BS. Does it sound like a trap or scam to you? Yes, in order to see the whole paper, you need to release payments for the 1st and the 2nd parts.

That is how the system works. But you always have a choice of not paying if you do not like it. As it has been already said, by releasing the funds for the first 2 parts you confirmed that you were satisfied with them.

And now, as the paper is already on the last part, you cannot cancel it. Please be more precise. Dear Rida, When your account is approved, you'll receive an email notification. You can also write a message to Recruiting Department from your account on EssayShark.

Dear Edward, Please place an order on https: Your application is to be thoroughly checked by the administrator of the site who checks a number of things to make sure that your account can be activated, namely your education, working experience, and identity.

If you fail one of the criteria, your application is rejected. Write a Review Ask a Question Share. Los Angeles , California , United States support essayshark. Was this review helpful? If you don't like something, you can ask your writer to revise it or you can cancel the order if you are not satisifed. You do not pay in advance. You can ask your writer to revise the paper the unlimited number.

Every writer is a qualified professional. You can watch online what your writer is writing. If something is wrong, you can ask your writer to revise.

Our writers follow instructions provided in orders. Writers are paid for all orders they are assigned to. Writers place their own price per page in every order. Our writers are qualified professionals. You only release payment for each part when you are completely satisfied with each part. You can always cancel the order and get your reserved funds back. Dear Henry, On EssayShark. In case you had remarks to the writer in terms of the paper quality, you could have asked him or her to make necessary changes.

Dear Elsa, Thank you for sharing your experience with EssayShark. Dear Kyle, On EssayShark. If you were dissatisfied with the information in the research paper, you could cancel it. Dear Customer, If your account was blocked, all remaining money that was not released in your account will be refunded to you within business days. You must have been misinformed. Dear Customer, Please be informed that we hire writers from different countries all over the world. Hence there are both native and non-native writers working on EssayShark.

While choosing the writer, you are free to ask writers if English is their mother tongue or second language. There are many ways to make sure that your writer is a top-notch professional. First of all, check writer's profile and other customers' comments about this writer.

Customers' feedback is an excellent way to find out about writer's writing style, business communication and professionalism.

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Privacy Policy is an old and famous essay writing service. We're happy to share our essayshark review with all the students who need essay writing help.

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EssayShark is a highly esteemed company that offers writers the opportunity to explore their potential to the fullest. Additionally, the support team reacts promptly to any query raised. The clients are wonderful; hence, I like the whole experience.

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EssayShark Com is an academic online writing service which is easy to use as it facilitates students in accessing writers who help them in doing their assignments and essays. Menu Skip to content. Home; A Review of Essayshark. EssayShark Review. has been in the online writing service business for 9 years, according to its site. It has a unique business model, in that, rather than the company assigning writers to specific product creation, the customer places and submits an order and then waits for bids to come in from the writers who are registered with /5.

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Feb 10,  · Essayshark is a standard essay writing service without particular benefits for the average student seeking for high-quality papers/ Curious about what people say about EssayShark and its services? Check out our customer and writer review sections/