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Medea and Electra Suggested Essay Topics

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❶For this reason, her actions cannot be excused or mitigated by any sense that she is confused or emotionally unstable.

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Is Medea justified in her sense of justice?
Medea's revenge ultimately makes her far more guilty than Jason. Discuss.
Unit 3/4 Engish Text Response Essays - Medea

Unfaithful and the Faithful A. As Jason states,"Twas not for the woman's sake I wedded the king's daughter, my present wife" Euripides This shows that he has no real regard for his new wife. He also goes on to describe how they will benefit from the marriage.

In part, Jason is telling the truth. He has married to further his position. His lie to Medea is that he pretends he has done it for their family, when his only real concern is himself. This shows that Jason is driven and unscrupulous, focused on getting what he wants and willing to manipulate and wrong others to achieve his own needs. This difference in what they want from life is part of the reason that Jason is an adulterer and Charles is not.

Jason's drive for success is the reason he is not faithful to Medea. Jason's focus exclusively on his own personal success also means…… [Read More]. Women in Greek and Hebrew. Deborah is believed to have played a key role in public arena.

Even in the male dominant society of Israel, Deborah's orders were followed and people looked up to her for advice. In the position of a prophetess, she could give orders which were readily followed: Deborah is an important figure in ancient Hebrew culture and it is through her that we can see how this culture allowed women to have some freedom in their restricted sphere.

The daughter of Jephthah was another prominent figure. She was also a judge who ruled Israel as she was a woman of strong faith. After her father promised Lord that if he won, he would offer "whatever comes…… [Read More].

Women in Ancient Greece Representations in Euripides. Women of Ancient Greece: From Medea to Sthenoboea to Phaedra, Euripides' women cover a wide range of forms: As Chong-Gossard points out, Euripides does not shy away from "tapping into men's anxieties and frightening them with Medeas and Phaedras This paper will show how female power was depicted so monstrously in the works of Euripides and what it meant to Greek viewers.

Classical Greece Desire, Emotion, and Knowledge: Greek Society and Culture in the Classical Period Following the aftermath of Greeks' victory over Persians during Indeed, the Classical period is more appropriately described as a time wherein human potential and intelligence is at its highest. As Plato had stated, "Human behavior flows from three main sources: Nietzsche's Twilight Of The Idols Nietzsche mischaracterizes the Christian tradition when he states that "the Church fights passion by cutting it out.

Nietzsche is writing out of the naturalist, Romantic tradition. He is a believer in self-determination, of the will to power. He views natural instincts and natural desires as justified and in no need of Redemption. His conflict with the Church is that the Church views man as having a fallen human nature in need of redemption, which is offered through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Nietzsche rejects this view: The Church, for example, preaches against lust because this is disordered passion. Ordered passion, according to the Church, would be sexual love between husband and wife. If one or the…… [Read More]. Roettgen Pieta In or around the year , an unknown German artist sculpted a dramatic scene central to the story of Christ: This poignant moment is known as "the pity," or pieta.

The pieta scene was popularized toward the end of the thirteenth century, making the Roettgen pieta one of the earliest and most historically significant representations this particular moment of passion. The scene is one that would become pervasive in Christian art and iconography, and studies of pieta sculptures can serve as proxy studies of the evolution of Western art, and Christian-themed Western art in particular.

At the time the Roettgen pieta was created, pieces like these were known in German as Andachtsbild, or images used for contemplation[footnoteRef: These images were especially common in Germany during the late medieval and Romanesque periods. Aristophanic invective against a rival dramatist: Because it is a pun made on the name of the tragedian Dorillus or Dorilaos -- we are not sure of the spelling, since none of his work survives and the pun in Aristophanes' fragment is the chief testimony to his work -- Henderson finds a novel solution for translating this untranslatable joke: As a hint to the plot of the lost Lemnian women, the sense of sexual pleasure being deliberately withheld, as in Lysistrata, seems to adhere to this particular fragment: Athenian Women Politics and Plays.

Athenian Culture The connection between the development of Athenian culture and the development of Athenian democracy was intimate. Culture and politics flowed together in Athens, as the philosophers from Socrates to Aristotle , the playwrights from Aeschylus to Euripides and the statesmen from Solon to Pericles all played fundamental roles in shaping how both culture and democracy developed.

The playwrights showed the importance of worship and of civic duty Aristophanes in particularly emphasized the duty that Athenians had in civic matters and Solon and Pericles were instrumental in laying the groundwork for and building up Athens' political framework.

Plato meanwhile served a pivotal role by writing works addressing the role of government and each served to impact the other. Aeschylus, Socrates and Euripides all present heroes and heroines differently.

Euripides presents them most tragically and complexly: Characters in Search of an. Pirandello's self-conscious use of the nature of theater and the way people play roles in the theater and in family life was considered revolutionary at the time. Yet as revolutionary as he may seem, Pirandello's difficult family dynamics always recalls ancient Greece and Shakespeare as much as modernism and postmodernism, as in its invocation of the Orestes cycle where there is deep hate and alienation woven within the traditional family structure, the complex family dynamic of Oedipus, and the child-parent tensions of Hamlet.

In the "Orestes" trilogy,…… [Read More]. Instrument on the Web What Is a. Instrument on the Web What is a mezzo-soprano? Retrieved April 1, at http: A mezzo-soprano is a female singer whose vocal range lies between that of a soprano and alto.

Soprano, mezzo-soprano, and alto. War for Resources Chris Hedges. Private armies and warlords support themselves with these crops -- an instance of exploiting in fact, abusing the environment to pay for war Global esources, Use of esources to Finance Conflict Forest products are also often used to pay for conflicts. Timber requires little investment and can be converted to cash more cheaply than oil, which requires technology.

Control over timber resources can shift the balance of power during a conflict and affect how long the conflict lasts. Underfunded armies, military, police, and rebel forces often finance themselves by cutting trees.

Conflicts in Cambodia, Burma and Liberia have been funded with timber, and in each of those countries the wood produced more than million dollars per year Global esources, Incompatible Uses Leading to Conflict Use or misuse of resources can be very profitable on one hand but ruinous to another.

For example, jurisdictional conflicts have heated up…… [Read More]. Meagans Law Meagan's Law Questions. Discuss the Precipitating Event After relationship is recognized, the emphasis goes to the family insights of the condition, the sequence of proceedings leading up to the predicament, and the issue that started out the sequence of events Graham-Bermann, S. Consultations inspect when and how the disaster happened, the causal conditions, and how the family endeavored to covenant with it.

Assess Strengths and Needs The Family valuation of strengths and needs start right after and the goes on throughout crisis intervention. The crisis worker will start to draws conclusions that will regard the family's needs and strengths that are related to the present disaster and, with the family, assesses the prospective for recovery Edleson, J.

Client strong suit are tapped in order to make self-esteem better, while also providing skills and energy that is for problem-solving. The Evolution of a Narrative, is ultimately a story about a story. Tilton's study does not largely concern itself with the real life individual whom we have come to know as Pocahontas, nor the primary texts from the early seventeenth-century that documented the facts of her life as they originally occurred.

In addition, Tilton does not engage in pointed discussion about the principle players involved in the famous rescue of John Smith, such as, the Powhatan people or key members of the Virginia plantation. He also side-steps the question of the historical authenticity of the rescue story -- a story that largely came into doubt amongst nineteenth-century critics and writers from the northern states who struggled to weaken the power of the mythic narrative being exploited by southerners, around the time of the Civil ar.

The story of Pocahontas, Tilton argues, has…… [Read More]. Mourning Becomes Electra It must have come as something of a shock for the original audience of Eugene O'Neill's Mourning Becomes Electra in to take their seats, open their programs, and discover that this extremely lengthy trilogy of plays does not actually contain a character named "Electra.

Yet this would have been precisely the case with the original audience in fifth century Athens for a Greek tragedy: Even the rare Greek tragedy that does introduce surprise into its plot, like the Orestes of Euripides, does so…… [Read More]. In this play, Miller brings to the fore the fact that there can be and often are conflicting motives within every single human heart, a phenomenon that colors the way people act, interact, think, speak, and -- yes -- betray.

At the heart of The Crucible is a drama of sexual tension and spite -- a girlish revenge twisted into something much more heinous by the cruel paroxysms of a community going mad with suspicion, condemnation, and holier-than-thou syndrome. It is a play that reflects one of the sinister secrets of…… [Read More]. Covenants in Genesis and Oedipus. How could that be true when that child was left in the woods to die? Oedipus is calmed, but he still sets out to solve the murder-mystery and punish the man who committed regicide.

As more details come to the surface, however, Oedipus starts to get a bad feeling. The evidence indeed points to him: Laius, he learns, was slain at the same crossroads where Oedipus took the lives of a group of men. Apparently so…as Oedipus also learns that he was the babe whom Jocasta and Laius abandoned -- and indeed has grown up to ruin the house by killing his father and marrying and having children with his mother Jocasta.

Jocasta sensing that this might be the case had pleaded for Oedipus to halt the investigation, but determined to know the truth, Oedipus called the herdsman who found him tied to a tree to…… [Read More]. Home Topics Literature Medea Essays. How does she arrange her arguments for maximum effect? Contrast the Medea of the opening speech to the Chorus with the one she presents to Creon.

Does the tone she takes with each of them differ? If so, how, and to what effect? What are some of the strategies she uses to persuade them to her view? Are there any similarities worth noting between the two? Medea and Jason 1. Though Medea has not been able to convince Jason to see her side of things in this scene, she nevertheless shows Jason to be something of a hypocrite. How does their debate reveal Jason in this light?

Specifically address the way he responds to her accusations of his role in their prior life together, and discuss his willingness to allow the children to be banished in light of his claims that he was acting only on their behalf.

How does Euripides use the debate between Medea and Jason, and the choral response to that debate, to illustrate conventional views about the relative merits of passion vs. Finally, how does the Chorus serve as a kind of mediator in the philosophical issues raised by the couple? High scoring Medea text response. Euripides was one of the three great Greek tragedians. The others are Aeschylus and Sophocles. Because he lived more than years ago, it is difficult to say which details of his biography are factual and which have been colored with mythical elements.

According to existing sources, Euripides had two failed marriages after which he lived out much of his life on the island of Salamis. He was the favorite playwright of the philosopher Plato; and, in his Poetics, Aristotle calls him the "most tragic" of all the poets. He may have retired to the court of King Archelaus north of Greece in Macedonia, where he died in B. We only request your email on this form so that the person receiving this email knows it was intended for them and not spam.

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Using the essay topics below in conjunction with the list of important quotes from “Medea” on our quotes page, you should have no trouble connecting with the text and writing an excellent essay. Topic #1: Feminism vs. Misogyny in Medea.

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Sep 05,  · Suggested Essay Topics. Aristotle criticized Medea for its two illogical plot elements, the random appearance of Aegeus and Medea's escape in the chariot provided by the Sun-god. Do these events contribute anything positive to the play's themes? .

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Essays and criticism on Euripides' Medea and Electra - Suggested Essay Topics. Medea's revenge ultimately makes her far more guilty than Jason. Discuss. Notes. Medea has full knowledge of what she is doing, and the consequences of her actions.

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Suggested essay topics and project ideas for Medea. Part of a detailed Lesson Plan by Medea essay topics: good collection of academic writing tips and free essay samples. You can read it online here!